About Through Customers Eyes

Through Customers Eyes is an undercover customer experience service designed to assist businesses in seeing what their customers are experiencing, assessing staff performance and identifying any training that may be required.

The success of a business is dependent on their staff and Anne, as Chief Undercover Officer of Through Customers Eyes, is committed to working with businesses to solve their problems of possible lost sales as a result of customer service variability and lack of competitor advantage.

Anne’s background has not only been in the accounting industry, but she has had her own retail and hospitality businesses. She understands how important exceptional customer service is, and knowing what your customers are experiencing is paramount, when there is staff in the forefront of a business.

Anne has taken service growth to the next level by assisting businesses in polishing that one vital element to success – providing amazing customer service, that stands out from the crowd.

Our mission 

We want to give our clients a good insight on the experience their customers have

when they choose to do business with them.