What Experience Are Your Customers Having?

Through Customers Eyes – Undercover Customer Experiences

Mystery Shopping Experts

What you think happens

and what actually happens can be two different things entirely!!!


 Do you Know:

What is happening on the frontline of your business?

What experience your customers are having?

What your competitors are doing?


We, at Through Customers Eyes, help you see what is really happening on the frontline of your business, online and offline, by identifying any problems of possible lost sales due to customer service, pricing variability or lack of competitor advantage, through a customer’s perspective.  This insight shows any opportunities to advance customer service for better financial outcomes.

So if you are a business who relies on frontline staff for your success and wants to –

  • know if your customers are receiving that amazing service,
  • know whether the sales potential of every customer is maximized,

  • convert more browsers into buyers,
  • increase customer retention and loyalty,

  • boost the bottom line,
  • know if policies, rules, regulations, restrictions are correctly adhered to,

Then knowing what is working well and what is not can result in taking targeted action and:-

  • giving that amazing customer experience,
  • minimizing the risk of bad reviews,
  • getting repeat business,
  • converting browsers into buyers,
  • increasing sales, and
  • improving the bottom line.

We offer a cost effective way of recognizing any customer service issues within your business or organization. It is a very small price to pay, compared to the possible cost of losing customers or having bad customer reviews.

Through Customers Eyes works within the following areas:

retail – hospitality – leisure and restaurants – shopping centers – automotive – property developers – real estate – health – well-being and spas – libraries – recreation centers – fitness studios – design and renovation – dealerships


Because they all rely on their frontline staff to make their business profitable and successful.


Our undercover customer experience service

is a cost-effective solution

looking through the eyes of your customers



The customer service levels of your staff


Their selling skills


Product knowledge



Benchmarked against your expectations, policies & procedures

Our undercover customer experience service is a

cost-effective solution

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Improve customer satisfaction

We can come in and help identify areas of concern, and help you to increase customer satisfaction.

Targeted Staff Training

By determining the problem areas, we can train your staff for you.

Monitor & Measure

Review expectation of customers experience. 
Analysis between locations.
Competitor insights.

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